Many companies in a variety of industries now require mobile applications. Such apps must work flawlessly across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. You can quickly and cost-effectively design such products using the cross-platform mobile approach to development.

Let’s speak about the advantages and disadvantages of a rapid web application development platform and the best tools for creating multi platform solutions.

Benefits of Rapid Web Application Development Platform: 

Further, we will discuss the benefits of choosing the rapid web application development platform. These included:

·         Creating different native apps for each platform is costly, but a hybrid app employs a single sharable code, staying on budget.

·         App development and maintenance costs are lowered because only one programming team is required. Furthermore, only a basic understanding of standard languages is required; development tools will cover the rest.

·         Cross-platform apps appear and feel like native apps, improving user experience.

·         Companies who wish to appeal to customers of multiple mobile devices. We may consider hybrid development while also releasing products faster and at a reduced cost. However, you may find specific difficulties.


How It Meets Business Expectations?

End-user expectations from today’s apps have increased due to the multiplication of devices and the consumerization of IT. Businesses anticipate speed, agility, and scalability at the minimum possible total cost of ownership.

However, the development of APIs and front-end technology has increased developers’ technological load in dealing with various front-end tools and systems. Therefore, organizations can keep on top of these developments by providing applications at the speed of business via Rapid Application Development.

Challenges of employing it: 

• Hybrid systems include more complex code that combines native and non-native elements, compromising efficiency.

• Cross-platform apps can’t support all of a mobile phone’s native features and capabilities, such as complex character animation or 3D effects.

• When Google and Apple add new capabilities to their Android and iOS platforms, native applications may use them right away. However, hybrid apps must wait until these changes have been customized to the cross-platform framework of choice. As a result, there is always a delay in updating.

Final Verdict:

The process and deliverables of a rapid web application development platform can vary based on your chosen tool. Therefore, it’s critical to use the correct framework while creating a native-like app. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top five most popular frameworks for cross-platform developing mobile applications.Feel free to contact us for Wave Maker ISVs and compare Low code pricing mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker and low code application development platform For Banking and enterprises

By Kay