Teams: One to five students per paying team; three to five students per scholarship team. Students are able to gain knowledge not only about the stock market but also about social studies, business, personal finance, and even math. Teachers can create their own class stock market games contest , and there are tons of teacher resources to help you get started. Because of this, players can check the newspaper or other sources of stock information to see how their trades did in the real stock markets, and keep a record of their portfolio. Teachers have full control over the game, they can view each student’s portfolio and have the ability to reward and fine students. The Indiana Stock Market Program is a widely popular teaching tool used in grades four through twelve. Visit Its a sports stock market where you trade in stocks of sports teams with virtual money.

TD Bank’s Fantasy Stock Market game is designed for kids and young adults, but its stock market simulator is a useful tool for all beginner investors. There are two distinct logins in The Stock Market Game: (1) Advisor and (2) Team. Okay, I suspect my app will have trouble getting past the first round of venture funding. What’s cool is that they have their own stock market simulator where you can practice building portfolios and seeing how they perform in accordance with real stock market ups and downs. To get your class started with our free stock market game, just register now and then follow the links to create your own contest. Understanding Portfolios : This quiz on how to build your portfolio measures how well the students understood the lesson.

When a transaction is made on the scan sheet and mailed to the processing center, the players are given the next day’s actual closing price from the stock exchange on which the stock trades. Even if the markets, industry, economic cycle, and technology angles all check out, stock buyers still have to check the specific stock situation. If you want to create your own game you can customized following rules on your game. DSIJ Stock Market Challenge trading platforms offer colleges the most realistic simulations available.

Just like a drone pilot will pass over any target they are not sure about, when playing the ChartZero stock market game users are also given the option to pass. Many stock market games are based on real life stocks from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Nasdaq , NYSE , AMEX or other major market indexes. The Stock Market Game is designed to give Missouri teachers a tool for helping students develop a solid understanding of how private enterprise works. Students use real internet research and news updates, making the simulation an even better mirror of the real marketplace.

He said the game teaches all the participants valuable academic lessons that will serve them well in their lives ahead. This game is very user friendly and gives persons playing a quick appreciation on what happens on the market. If you are new to The Stock Market Game, start in the Getting Started” section of the Teacher Support Center. This site has all you need to learn How The Market Works: Quotes, Charts, Wall Street Analyst Ratings, Company News & Financial Statements, Trading Ideas, Videos, Glossaries, Financial Calculators, Lesson Plans and more. Middle school students compete statewide and high school students compete for a chance to advance to the nationals. To guide you in managing your portfolio, you can explore different investment opportunities using the SMG’s online data resources. NYSE Made Easy : An article to help students learn simple terms associated with the New York Stock Exchange.

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