The Stock Market Game is an online education program used to help teach math, social studies, business, economics, and language skills while focusing on the importance of long-term saving and investment. The value of your trades is then calculated using share prices at the close of the participating stock markets. UpDown sponsors a monthly contest that rewards players who beat the market with real cash. With a paper trading account, an investor can set up a bull credit spread and a bull debit spread simultaneously and watch how the payoff for each position changes as the market moves.

The game has actually been around since 1977 (not always online, of course) and over 15 million students have participated since then. Third, you can check stock prices and monitor any changes in your portfolios value throughout the trading day. Visit the following links for a complete set of Indiana Stock Market Progam rules. The Balance Sheet and Market Indexes : A quiz in Foundations of Business Administration made by Prof.

At best, playing the ChartZero game will train your brain to zero in on patterns and be able to predict whether a given chart represents a stock poised to go higher or lower. The local coordinator provides curriculum materials such as manuals, lesson plans and videos tailored to students in different grades. Here are five of the best free (because you shouldn’t have to spend real money to play with fake money) online games for getting your feet wet.

TeachNet: The Stock Market Game : Includes five lesson plans in conducting a modified stock market game. The Stock Market Game relies on financial donations as well as volunteers to continue enhancing core academic curricula. If you have more advanced market knowledge and want to test a new trading strategy before risking your own investments, try optionsXpress by Charles Schwab. To some students the stock market is a mass of numbers, our simple tool helps remove this perception. The OSMC is a great way for students to be exposed to the stock market, without the fear of losing real money! Boiler Room Trader Game mission is to help you improve your financial literacy by playing in the virtual environment. Rewards range anywhere from actual stock market shares to dinner certificates to T-shirts and trophies.

The Stock Market Game was created and is provided by the Foundation for Investor Education, an affiliate of the Securities Industry Association. In order to learn the ins and outs of the stock market , students research can be done through the internet, magazines and newspapers.

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