Fear of public speaking is often not the only fear of a person presenting a lecture, the results of work, or the effects of group activities. In addition to verbal discussion of the prepared speech, it should also be properly prepared in terms of its content. The boring and endless presentation is not only a problem for the author, but also for the listeners. So how to create an interesting appearance?

The fewer slides, the better

The belief that a large number of slides in a presentation means a better preparation of the teacher is wrong. The authors of the appearances often forget that multimedia boards are to be only a support for their verbal message. So, no matter how much content you want to convey in your presentation, try to compress the content as much as possible. Dynamic slides, i.e. those with a lot of information, turn out to be the most interesting for listeners. In addition to focusing their attention, the presenter will not have to discuss the issue indefinitely, and the most important elements from its point of view will always be in sight – on the screen of a monitor or projector board.

If it is worth limiting the number of slides in multimedia presentations, how to create interesting content for listeners and at the same time convey the essence of the presentation? It’s very simple. Instead of placing complex definitions on multimedia boards, it is better to replace them with interesting graphics. Traditional diagrams and charts on separate slides are much better presented on one page, while research results with interesting icons will surely be remembered by the viewer. Surely you know what your listeners expect from your work. Allow yourself creative freedom – multimedia presentations can look any way you want, except for certain details.

Technical details to be kept in mind

While the way of presenting the results of work or a lecture on multimedia boards is an individual matter for the author, the publication of the data itself should be annotated. The presentation should not forget to specify the name of the author of the work, as well as its title. Sometimes it is also worthwhile to use a table of contents, which will make it easier for people who are watching the lecture to move around without verbal support from the author. Each of the images, charts or diagrams presented in the presentation should have a described source – even if it is the result of our own work. Most often it is given directly under the graphic in the form of a small signature. Another issue is the sources of information listed at the end of the presentation, which should not be forgotten either. If any of the submitted definitions, concepts or research results belongs to the collection of work of another person, it is necessary to give the name of the book or website from which you drew the information.

Writing a multimedia presentation should be approached in a special way from the very beginning. Adopting a listener’s attitude may make the author of the speech aware of the content that is worth communicating in a completely different way. Great freedom in preparing multimedia boards allows you to place almost any form of communication in them – graphics, charts, rankings and many more. With free creativity, however, one cannot forget a few important technical aspects, without which the performance loses its merit.

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By Kay