How To Get To Know A Laser Engraving Machine in a way that is not complicated and confusing and does not require tricks and special skills to be able to know laser engraving machines well. Increasingly, new tools will continue to emerge that have the ability to lighten human work, such as one of these tools, namely the laser engraving machine.

Let’s Get To Know CNC Laser Machines

For now, laser engraving is currently popping up in the public create a dilemma because the positive step is that many business people or businesses in the laser cutting sector are helped by the existence of this machine because the processing process is faster, more precise, and also has more detailed results. However, behind it there is also a dilemma where the carving craftsmen and also carvings are short of orders, however, this is welcomed positively by the artists.

Of course, as a form of appreciation for the invention of this new product, we must try one of these tools such as a laser engraving and maybe some of you don’t know about this very modern machine and but you will also fall in love if you know the advantages. of the functions that exist in this laser engraving machine.

Before getting to know a laser engraving machine, you must know the meaning first

Before we analyze more deeply about the two machines mentioned above, getting to know the laser engraving machine, it would be better if you first understand what the laser engraving machine is. The laser engraving machine is the pennant name of Computer Numerically Controlled which is currently being developed by an inventor John Pearson in 1952 who came from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on behalf of the United States Air Force. However, nowadays laser engraving machines are starting to be used in all unique fields were from industry to education is already using this machine.

From this, even this laser engraving machine is also quite useful for the public, many of these laser engraving machines are controlled by computers and also use numerical language or command data using numeric codes, letters, and symbols in accordance with ISO standards.

Brief Description of Getting to Know laser engraving Machines

In the past, CNC machines generally had several types such as including several machines that exist today, both for personal needs and for broad needs which are widely used as services and also tools to support the economy, several types of laser engraving machines include:

  • CNC Laser Machine
  • CNC Router Machine

Of the two types of laser engraving machines, they have their respective uses and also for CNC laser machines have 3 main functions, namely that they can be used to recognize laser CNC machines for cutting or cutting and also engraving or engraving and can provide Marking or Marking on objects in doing CNC. In doing some of these activities using laser light as a tool. For these rays arising from the CO2 gas cylinder used by the engine, the rays are reflected using a Reflective Lens and also a Focus Lens, and the movement is adjusted automatically according to the setting.

For this CNC Laser machine, it can do subtle and detailed cutting of media, this is because the diameter of the laser beam is very small, which is about 9.025 mm. To be able to produce the cut is also very neat and good, the end of the cut can be sharp like the cut from a CNCn Router Machine. However, this laser CNC machine also has competence in engraving marking which can provide fine and thin engraving details.

Get to know CNC machines and materials that can be used

  • Acrylic Cutting and Engraving
  • Engraving and Wood Cutting
  • Engraving and Leather Cutting
  • Glass Only Engraving
  • Engraving and Cutting Fabrics
  • Only Ceramic Engraving and many other materials

Indeed, not all companies or businesses with types of business can use the following laser laser machines, even though in daily activities this machine is also very useful, but when used for certain types of businesses it can speed up the process, and this is the type of business:

  1. Advertising: this type of business can also be combined with a CNC machine or a cnc router machine. In this cnc laser machine, it will speed up the work of making acrylic embossed letters, acrylic displays that help make stamps and also make acrylic storage cards.
  2. Furniture or Furniture Business; To be able to use a CNC Laser machine, you can also engage in this type of business, because to be able to help from the process of making panels made of wood, plywood and MDF for decoration.
  3. Bag manufacturers as well as shoe manufacturers who can also help this type of business by working on making cutting patterns on shoes and also bags.

By Kay