If you are a technology lover and always have to have the latest gadget on the market, then you likely have found yourself with a number of now-obsolete products. If you find yourself with old technology lying about the house, then you are not alone; in fact, over 60% of people say they have an old phone handset. Not only does this old technology take up space, but it could also be being used for a more beneficial purpose. 

This guide is here to help you learn what you can do with your old technology. 

Trade-In Old Technology 

When you are going to upgrade a piece of technology, you might want to consider taking your old gadget with you and trading it with the retailer. Different companies have different rules and regulations when it comes to trading in technology. For example, Apple allows you to trade in both Apple products and competitor technology for store credit. Amazon allows customers to trade in their own-brand products, like Kindle e-readers and Ring Doorbells, for an Amazon gift card. 

Recycle old Items 

As Fluent Conveyors explains, recycling capabilities have become a lot more advanced in recent years, thanks to innovations in both automation and conveyor belt systems. This means that it is now possible to reuse and upcycle old pieces of technology. There are many different options for those looking to recycle old technology online. Some places will pay you depending on the device you have, whereas others will assess the quality of your device before offering you a price. 

Donate Old Devices 

Another option for those that are looking to get rid of old technology is to donate their obsolete devices. There are many charities that are dedicated to technology donations; some charities will directly pass on old pieces of phones to people that are in need, whereas other charities will refurbish old pieces of technology to sell them on. 

Sell on Your Old Technology 

Another way to get rid of your old technology is to sell it yourself. If you have the time, selling your old technology by yourself is often the most cost-effective method, as the price you get is usually significantly higher than what is offered in trade-in options. There are many sites that you can use for selling on your old devices, such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace

Repair Your Device 

Sometimes, people hang on to old pieces of technology for a reason; you might have some sentimental attachment to the device or are hoping to one day get it working again. If this is the case, then you might want to look at getting your old device repaired. When you are looking to get your old device repaired, there are many options: you could look online or see if you have a local repair shop nearby. It is important that you do research before taking your old device to get repaired to ensure the person performing the work is going to conduct quality work. 

By Kay